Next Generation Homes - NEXT-GENE20

Next Generation Homes - NEXT-GENE20

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NEXT-GENE20 is a project involving 20 famous architects from around the world to design villas along the Northeast Coast National Scenic Area, Taiwan. The aim of the project was to explore solutions for residences that are in harmony with the natural beauty of the coast.

Chosen designers include Yung Ho Chang, Ray Chen, Hsueh-Yi Chien, Jay Wen-Chieh Chiu, Julien De Smedt, GRAFT, , Sheng-Yuan Huang, IaN+, Yu-Tung Liu, Kengo Kuma, Shu-Chang Kung, Fernando Menis, Toshiko Mori, MVRDV, Hailim Suh, David Chun-Tei Tseng, Irving Hung-Hui Huang, Kyle Chia-kai Yang, Kris Yao, Akihisa Hirata,.

Here are some of the ideas that they came up with:


Team NEXT-GENE20 from iMage on Vimeo.


Akihisa Hirata – Architecture Farm

Kengo Kuma – Aimai House

Hailim Suh – Ridge House

Toshiko Mori – FlexiVilla

Yung Ho Chang – Triptych House

MVRDV – Observer

IaN+ – Villa Palladio

Fernando Menis – House Aurum

Graft – bei-lin = shell under copious rain

Shu-Chang Kung – Radix House

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Kris Yao - COCOON

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Yu-Tung Liu - Calligraphic House

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