Garden Landscape Design Inspiration

Garden Landscape Design Inspiration

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This is not the first time Andos Studios work is gracing Home Designing and we are pretty sure it is not the last time either because the company churns out spectacular visuals on a regular basis. We are really impressed by the studios rendition of some top notch contemporary gardens for its clients. Sit back and enjoy these images, its quite a zen-like experience!

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In the studio’s words:
The project started out of a desire and intention to develop an interesting and complex area in terms of vegetation. The villa itself was built freehand(without plans) and architecture was built around and the ground vegetation that was the center of the project. We chose pre-construction and vegetation reminiscent of the Japanese construction of love and appreciation for order and paying attention to detail, materials and types of plants as expressed in Japanese architecture.

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The following pictures represent the work done for two separate architects who collaborated for a couple of luxury home designs. We feel these gardens are a symphony of water, earth and greenery that play out beautifully to bring a calming experience to the viewer.

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