Asian Inspired Interiors

Asian Inspired Interiors

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Vietnam based designer, Vic Nguyen, has put together these beautiful visualizations of subtly Asian inspired modern home design, promoting a chilled zen-like atmosphere. In our fast paced lives a little calm is always welcome, so take a moment to relax and take in the cool contemporary charm.

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Our chaotic homes are calling out for a temple-like peace, serene Buddha sculptures have traveled far and wide, becoming equally popular in Western homes for this very reason.

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Other points to note about an eastern scheme are the deep, rich wood tones against an uncomplicated and cool white background, and the presence of implementing items in sets of two, as seen above in the pair of occasional stools, and below in the dining table feature lighting.

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Delicate Fretwork panels introduce pattern without print, and an element of texture within smooth wooden finishes.

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Reflective wall surfaces add subtle glamour to this living room, where warm lighting creates an almost golden effect, complimenting the blonde wood floors.

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Dreamy floral print wallpaper is weighted on each side by spaced wooden paneling, which also brings characteristic calming symmetry to the room.

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A traditional platform bed is given an update with a soft pillow-like base.

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Low-level tea tables are seen throughout Nguyen’s designs, an absolute must for an eastern scheme, and one that can be very much appreciated by tea drinkers worldwide!

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