Asian Inspired Decor and Accessories

Asian Inspired Decor and Accessories

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The monochrome geometric pattern of this wallpaper brings a distinctive contemporary edge to this living space, and yet the bold print works beautifully behind traditional china display plates. The crisp pattern of the alcove wall covering also keeps the adjacent vintage chair and footstool appearing fresh and edgy.

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Hard-edged metal pieces work in contrast to the softer wood tones in this home to present a balanced feel.

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The kitchen diner area places the curvaceous legs of traditional dining furniture against the slick glossy planes of contemporary minimalist cabinets and brick tiles for a stunning contrast. Two low hanging pendant lights create warm mood lighting over the eating-place, and the sparkle is reflected in a huge sunburst mirror.

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A bonsai tree is the perfect addition to an Eastern inspired space to promote sense of calm and wellbeing, and a classic Asian statue is the cherry on the cake.

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Although the space is heavily accessorized, every piece has its place to create a well-organized and together look.

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This busy space is lifted with delicate pattern.

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