Ando Studio Designs, Inside Out

Ando Studio Designs, Inside  Out

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These fabulous examples of home designs, interior and exterior, come to us courtesy of the extremely talented Ando Studio, where home visualizations exude class, style and elegance.

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Using cool neutral bases, the studio manage to evoke an air of calm and serenity in their designs, making their visualized homes somewhere a person could find relaxing sanctuary at the end of a hectic day. Some of the schemes tease you with tiny punctuations of sophisticated color, dashed in just one accent cushion, a painting or a set of contrasting armchairs.

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Each space is kept open and airy with the use of low-level furniture, wicker pieces, and loose fretwork screens to allow the eye to wander from area to area unobstructed.

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A large mirror propped against a bare wall helps move the natural light around the space, and make walls disappear.

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Storage is kept slick, light, and without handles, so that the cupboard surfaces blend in with the surrounding walls, maintaining the maximum visual proportions of the room.

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Exposed brickwork has been adopted here and there to add a little texture to the pale rooms, and has been lit with cleverly situated down lighters for impact.

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A vine-covered pergola paints a dreamlike effect over this poolside sun patio with cool shaded alfresco dining.

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