Luxurious Duplex Apartment in Jerusalem

Luxurious Duplex Apartment in Jerusalem

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Completed in 2012 by Bridman Agmon Architects and visualized here by Studio Aiko, this luxury duplex apartment on HaNeviim St. (The Prophets) Â in Jerusalem, is just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Jaffa Road on one of the citys most picturesque and serene boulevards which spans across its geography and leads straight to the Damascus Gate. With so much rich history and serenity surrounding it, the duplex apartment reflects that calm, peaceful surroundings within its interior. Â Glass walls let natural light stream through the space while its white and neutral canvas reflect it in a dance-like way.

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Soaring ceilings, glass walls and white and neutral walls and floors allow light and air to flow organically through the space.

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The master bedroom features a glass wall overlooking Jerusalem and beyond. Furnishings are kept minimal and colors neutral to compliment the serenity of the duplex’s locale.

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Comfortable contemporary furnishings provide ample seating for relaxing on one’s own as well as visiting with guests.

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Contemporary fine art can be found throughout the space on large canvases all in subtle hues.

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A modernly furnished dining area sits off to the side of the main living space offering ample room for a large or intimate gathering.

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Soaring ceilings reaching the second story above offer a light airy feel to the living space.

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The duplex’s terrace boasts amazing city views while providing a quiet peaceful lounge area.

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