Compact Modern House Made from Affordable Materials

Compact Modern House Made from Affordable Materials

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Designer Anway Aljugrey from Inxide Studio has designed a modern, compact house that can meet all the needs of a person or couple with significantly less waste than a larger home would offer. The KOTAK Haus featured in this post is made from affordable materials that are both easy to maintain and will withstand the test of time, aging to become even more interesting looking. Inside, the home is not large, but sunlight and creative use of space make it feel open and comfortable.

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The exterior the home is raw concrete, which is both simple and modern.

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This creative deck features opens completely for sun and fresh air inside.

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Upstairs are more sliding windows for an interior space that feels extremely spacious.

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This cutaway view clearly delineates the different spaces within the house from the downstairs living area and bedroom to the upstairs workspace.

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From this angle we can see the simplicity of the bedroom, a perfect nook for a mattress and nothing more.

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Stairs lead up to a rooftop patio with endless possibilities.

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The living room is just the right size for relaxing.

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The lack of interior walls may feel precarious at first but ultimately makes things more comfortable.

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Recessed lighting over the sofa makes up for a lack of windows in the living area.

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A ladder leads up to the lofted workspace, a much more space efficient choice than stairs.

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Wood, brick, and caged lightbulbs give the space an industrial feel.

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Even the bathroom is left a bit open with the use of slatted walls.

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From overhead we can more easily see how no space is wasted in the design.

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The back deck is perfect for dining or just hanging out.

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