Sleek and Simple Luxury in Luxembourg

Sleek and Simple Luxury in Luxembourg

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There is a distinct luxury in simplicity. This Luxembourg house from architect Katarzyna Kuo Stolarska takes this idea to the extreme. With a simple grayscale color palette and the best materials, from furniture to flooring, the house is beautiful and relaxing.

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Lofted ceilings have their appeal but the long and low lines in this house are simple but not simplistic.

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Cool greys that almost seem to shift from more black to more blue are calming and captivating.

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In the living room, ample seating can’t go unnoticed. A deep and wide sofa makes it easy to bask in the light that filters in from the back wall of windows.

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The combination of the sofa and coffee table, both on the same parallel planes, make the room seem to go on forever.

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Fitting a television into a highly stylized home is always a challenge, but here custom cabinetry means that a flat panel television can disappear and be revealed in just moments.

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A conversation nook in one corner offers some of the only furniture that is not a muted gray, black, or white. These stylish woven chairs are not jarring, however, because they sit carefully against the vibrant greenery outside the window.

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A simple workspace with completely clear countertop and cozy gray office chair is the blank canvas you’d need to let your imagination take flight. .

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Up a white and lucite staircase we find the bedrooms, which are unsurprisingly simple as well.

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A low platform bed with a clever bedside table design give the room a focus and that focus is relaxation.

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Another seating area is a bit warmer with a modern sueded bean bag chair and seating cushions that evoke the cozy macrame of your grandmother’s house.

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The kitchen is again committed to sleek simplicity with glorious marble countertops and kitchen bar stools that offer function but not at the expense of extreme, minimalist style.

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In the bathroom, white and natural wood bring a bit of warmth to the space.

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A deep slate tub is perhaps the opposite of the coveted clawfoot, but has its own ultramodern appeal.

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Natural light filtering in from above ensure privacy while bringing its calming effects to anyone who enters.

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