An Open Floorplan Highlights a Minimalist Design

An Open Floorplan Highlights a Minimalist Design

When walls come out of the equation, it every piece of furniture and tiny accessory or fixture in a home can take on much more meaning. It is only the things in the home that actually serve to separate one room from another, and each of these things must create a cohesive story. In this open floorplan home from architect Igor Sirotov, that story is a cool, neutral color palette with plenty of grays and sumptuous but minimal furniture.

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The main living area includes a large seating area as well as a desk and breakfast bar. There are no walls or other division between the spaces. Rather, the carefully chosen furnishings create a visual division with a low angular sofa dominating the entertaining space and white molded chairs positioned on either side for the home office and kitchen area.

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Even the most open familes still crave a semblance of privacy when it comes to their bedrooms. The two rooms featured here are quite different from one another, but still live in the same minimalist realm.

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This very feminine bedroom features a delicate, lacy wall that creates beautiful shadows across the other surfaces of the room, softening the clean, angular lines.

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On the other hand, this highly masculine space uses darker colors to emphasize those same lines. A low bed and deep, dark gray put a point on the minimalist style, with no superfluous design elements whatsoever.

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The bathroom lays somewhere in between the feminine and masculine elements with such inviting accessories as a deep, white porcelain tub and luxurious sink bowls but also the dark gray colors that can feel a bit cold.

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