Stepping Up Studio Apartments

Stepping Up Studio Apartments

Studio apartments haven’t always had the best rep; it’s not entirely desirable to have your bed right next to your living room sofa, or your kitchen right there in the bedroom. But wait, these four gorgeous studio apartment designs are all set to change that negative view. Witness sumptuous interior decoration that will make any limited apartment space into a high-end, highly expensive living space. Rich colour and dark accents have been brought in to laugh in the face of the age old concept that tiny spaces should be kept pale to increase the sense of space. Pattern, large wall art and full sized furniture are used, bringing more interior design stereotypes down to their knees.

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  • Designer: SH Design
The first of our four studio apartment designs is a home located in Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, Russia. The interior in its entirety reads as a colourful piece of abstract art, set in black framing. A bespoke bed cube has been installed in this studio home to help divide the space. The lofted bed design is surrounded by storage units that are hidden within its rich wooden walls, and inside the small staircase that leads up to the land of slumber.

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In the lounge area, one entire wall of storage units have been painted in colourful abstract design. Bright yellow sofa upholstery stands out against the busy backdrop. A blue accent chair matches heavy blue drapes at balcony doors. The shape of the round coffee table is echoed by the circular pattern in the rug beneath it.

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An arc floor lamp provides an alternative to bright overhead lights.

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The small kitchen area squeezes in a central island with hob.

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A projector screen drops down above the one wall kitchen with island to provide entertainment to the lounge opposite, and/or to those seated at the island.

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Open framework provides subtle divide between the lounge and dressing area/entryway, without blocking natural light or visual flow.

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Bold art in the entryway sets the tone for the whole interior.

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  • Visualizer: Dmitry Moshkov
Studio apartment number two has an area of just 45.9 square metres, located in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. An exposed brick wall living room and concrete flooring make this an industrial style living place.

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The blank opening in the centre of the room leads you to a panoramic view over Griboedov Canal.

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A solid black painted barn door leads to a shower room.

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Black boiserie panels mark the headboard wall of the bedroom, with detail picked out by the glow of copper wall sconces.

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Copper detailing continues throughout the apartment, in exposed pipework and copper door handles. The small copper basin and faucet set into the tiled counter, which is adjacent to the breakfast bar, is the vanity area for the shower room where internal space is limited.

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The breakfast bar lights serve the wash area too, as they hang level with the copper framed vanity mirror.

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When fully opened, the sliding barn door reveals the toilet and boiler system.

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The shower enclosure is opposite the wall hung toilet.

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A fluid living space has been created by implementing a moving wall in front of the bed.

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The television wall retracts completely to give the home true studio apartment status.

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Mirrored panels cover the wall opposite the kitchen diner, increasing the sense of space.

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Linking the lounge and bedroom space also inks a stunning panoramic ocean view.

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Mirrored doors flank the side of the bed, concealing a bathroom and dressing room.

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Having reflective surfaces on each side of the bathroom ‘cube’ confuses the eye and makes the large volume seem barely there.

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The interior design fuses the beauty of raw concrete and natural timber. The backdrop of mirrored glass and refined fixtures adds sleek polish.

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In natural daylight, the tinted glass is opaque and reflective to increase the sense of space like a mirror; interior lighting changes its state, illuminating the spaces behind the glass.

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Subtle visual interest alters the harsh, industrial interior.

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“Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.” John Franklin

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Subtle lighting creates dramatic effect.

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A piece of wall art in deep red and monochrome marks the lounge area.

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Copper pendant lights bring a cosy sheen to a white and wood kitchen in the corner.

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More copper accents can be found dotted around the interior, like the vase below one of the bedroom wall sconces.

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More decorative vases dress a media unit beneath the tv.

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A copper kitchen sink gleams in a white marble countertop.

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