Pink And Blue Decor Studio Apartment With Motivational Wall Art

Pink And Blue Decor Studio Apartment With Motivational Wall Art

Electric blue decor and pink accents pulse through this modern studio apartment, designed and visualised by VAE. The interior space is also energised by motivational wall quotes and quirky art, which add quirky personalisation. The studio apartment layout features a modern murphy bed and a sectional sofa that can be broken apart for daily flexibility. There is also an extendable breakfast bar that enables casual dining with a view of the tv that’s situated in the lounge - despite having the luxury of a formal dining area with a city view. The compact open plan apartment also has the added luxury of a walk-in wardrobe with a crisp and clear closet system.

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The small grey sectional sofa breaks apart in the compact living room to create a two seater couch and a separate armchair A contrasting blue ottoman section makes the sofa into a chaise, where the homeowner can stretch out in front of the tv.

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The humorous art that colours the wall is Iris by Jordan Andrew Carter. A swing arm wall lamp can be directed either over the art and sofa in the living room, or angled around to the breakfast bar that extends out from the kitchen behind it.

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The art matches with the bright blue fabric of the ottoman. An ottoman coffee table tucks in neatly without taking up too much floor space.

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Three bar stools can fit around the extended breakfast bar, which can be folded down when not in use to give the small floor plan a more spacious feel. One of the grey bar stools has been swapped out for a pink version to change up the look.

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Pink throw cushions contrast with the electric blue living room decor. A blue neon wall sign hints at what is hidden inside the adjacent storage cabinet, stating: “Let’s stay in bed”.

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A modern murphy bed pulls down out of the wood effect cabinetry, revealing the motivational quote: “dream big”. To allow space for the bed to be set down in sleeping position, the separate armchair section of the sofa rejoins the other pieces, to form a three seater couch.

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In the ceiling above the tv there is pull down projection screen. A floating tv stand underlines the choice of two viewing screens, and matches with the finish of the desk in the corner.

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This wooden end unit in the kitchen is actually the extendable breakfast bar when not in use. The bar stools are put into storage.

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A formal dining area sits at the end of the kitchen. A curtain can be drawn between the kitchen and the eating area to create a more intimate vibe, and to hide cooking mess. Two anglepoise lamps descend from the ceiling to light the eating area.

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An industrial style lighting track runs across the ceiling of the hallway and living room.

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The kitchen is a combination of grey and wooden units. A backsplash of white geometric wall tiles and a white countertop cut through the middle.

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The white countertop wraps the side of the last kitchen cabinet for a high end finish.

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“DO MORE” demands a wall stencil in the blue home entryway, which is decorated with a arrow shaped call to action.

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Unique wall shelves add interest to the small dining space, displaying decorative vases and an indoor plant.

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A walk in wardrobe has been kitted out with a bespoke closet system, with a clean white and wood tone finish.

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A comprehensive collection of garment shelves, chests of drawers and clothes rails make good use of the available space. LED strip lights illuminate each of the closet sections, to make the daily selection process bright and easy.

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The back of each section has been painted in a deep blue colourway, which makes the white rails and surfaces really pop.

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A small powder room has a moody decor scheme of dark grey and blue, broken up with wood grain elements.

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A wood panelled wall backs the toilet area. Wood slats cross a dark blue ceiling.

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Recessed wood effect shelves hold a selection of toiletries. Built in cupboards provide a flush fitting finish.

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A shower room is accessed separately to the toilet. The same dark grey decor surrounds the vanity area in this room, with natural timber slats crossing a grey ceiling. A crisp white shower cubicle contrasts with the rest of the dark grey decor, clad in the same geometric tiles as is the kitchen backsplash.

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A chrome rainfall showerhead and hand riser are matched by a chrome heated towel rail. Charcoal coloured base units are topped with a wood effect countertop, and a wood backsplash.

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The vanity unit is a wall mounted design that nestles tightly between the shower cubicle and the outer wall. A custom cut vanity mirror fits wall to wall too, set against more wood paneling.

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The architects drawing shows the location of the shower room and separate toilet off the entryway to the studio apartment. The walk in closet stands directly opposite the shower room on the other side of the flat.

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The floor plan also illustrates how each tiny nook has been utilised as useful storage space in the shower room and toilet. We can also see how storage volumes have been built in around the window of the study area of the living room.

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