2 Apartments Under 120 Square Meters (1300 Square Feet) With Floor Plans

2 Apartments Under 120 Square Meters (1300 Square Feet) With Floor Plans

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A quick trip around two apartments that measure under 120 Square Meters (1300 square feet) show how to pack a lot of punch into a modern home. Crisp contemporary furniture, stylish lighting designs and carefully considered layouts make this couple of sophisticated interiors a great source of inspiration. Home number one explores the introduction of some brighter accents into the decor scheme, along with some friendly foliage throughout. Home tour number two is a decidedly more neutral affair, with a more fully fitted approach to custom made furniture. There is also a pretty little pink room in this one to please the youngest member of the family.

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  • Visualizer: Nat Karavay Anna Koen
Our first stop is a flat in Moscow, measuring in at 120 square metres. A grey L-shaped modern sofa has been teamed with a circular ottoman coffee table in a contrasting orange-brown shade, which is overlapped by a long marble coffee table.

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Black media units underline a wall mounted tv opposite the sofa. Wood effect wall cabinets and a taller unit provide storage for larger items.

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An orange-brown accent chair joins the lounge furniture arrangement, matching with the hue of the ottoman coffee table and scatter cushions on the couch.

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The home entryway is simple yet elegant.. A large round wall mirror and a dressing table stool transform a hallway table into a vanity. A modern wall sconce lights up the doorway.

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A home workspace makes good use of an awkward nook between the window wall and a structural support column. A bespoke computer desk and bookshelves are wedged in the resulting gap.

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A smooth wooden galley kitchen makes a light but warm wall across the back of the open plan room. Black kitchen bar stools are positioned beneath the island to provide a casual spot to eat, or to sit and chat to the cook.

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More lush green foliage makes an uplifting yet simple decoration on the breakfast bar kitchen island.

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The master bedroom is a sophisticated and balanced scene. Warm earth tones are cut though with a fresh white headboard, bedside lamps and flooring. Gold accents dance across the headboard panels, warmly reflecting the lamp light. The hue of the bed throw perfectly matches an end of bed storage ottoman.

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Clean white, red wood tone and creamy marble make up a custom fit bathroom design.

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Bookmatched marble creates a luxe feature behind a built-in tub. Indoor plants introduce a touch of nature.

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The floor plan reveals the ample storage space incorporated into the home.

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The bathroom, unravelled.

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  • Visualizer: Design On
Our second tour takes place in a home decorated in a strictly neutral palette of grey, white and wood tone.

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White wall units have been fashioned around a wall mounted tv. There’s no scope for upping the screen size within this tv wall decor, but the effect creates a satisfyingly neat frame. A framework like this could also hold a tv stand instead of a wall mount if preferred.

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Square coffee tables with round tops make another modern design statement in the living room. The round ‘trays’ are used to hold a couple of books, and an electronic tablet next to the coffee mug.

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Scatter cushions and warm throws make the modern sofas look inviting.

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Glass doors section the lounge from the kitchen, where wood flooring is replaced by grey marble tile.

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A black bookcase towers up one wall of the living room, cut into sections of different heights and widths.

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The tv in the lounge can be viewed from the kitchen, and the dining area to its side.

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Bar stools at the kitchen peninsula turn their backs on the adjoined living room; they look into a kitchen of wood and white cabinets against a white marble backsplash. See more white and wood kitchens.

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Grey dining chairs encircle the white tabletop.

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Mirrored closets line the home entryway.

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Pale walls make the hallway feel airy.

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There is one exception to the neutral decor palette of this home, in the kid’s bedroom. In here, pink rules the roost.

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Pretty pink and white decor is warmed through with wooden accents.

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Dreamy artwork adds in a little touch of blue.

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Star wall stickers sprinkle the pink feature wall.

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In the master bedroom, a neat floor lamp brightens one bedside.

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At the other side of the bed, a mirror makes the space look twice its length. Heavy drapes gather at the windows, poised beside sheer white voiles installed for daytime privacy.

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A modern computer desk in the corner of the bedroom is lit by a small white table lamp. A slender chair provides stylish and comfortable seating.

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There is a walk-in wardrobe just off the side of the home entryway. The closet is kitted out with a comprehensive array of garment rails, shelves and drawers. A large shoe cabinet has its contents protected from dust by clear glass doors.

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The higher shelves and cubbies are utilised for lesser used items such as suitcases and seasonal wear.

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Wood panels and marble tiles cover the bathroom interior. A large shower enclosure takes up half the length of the bathroom, with the marble clad bathtub filling the remainder.

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White countertops look crisp and clean over wooden cabinets.

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A black heated towel rail contrasts with the white wall tiles.

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A custom cut mirror fits edge to edge over the vanity.

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Two bed apartment floor plan.

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